What you see if you pause a moment


View from the 3rd floor stairwell in Peckham Library. In the right skyline the Shard is visible.

Sometimes London catches me by surprise.

Peckham Library is not a place you want to be, generally.  It’s a strange and architecturally interesting building from the outside, but the inside is usually packed full of people – it’s not a quiet library, and sometimes it smells a little.  So when I go, I go with purpose.  I find the book online and go straight to the shelf, pick up book, scan it, leave.

So I’m making a bee-line up the 4 flights of stairs in this weird building, thinking for the 1,000,000th time how depressing the view is from the stairwell.  Vacant, overgrown lots, a big trash can, sometimes disagreeable people lingering around.

But I looked out the window today and saw something new.


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