Multiverse Meeting

I think about her, sometimes – Alternative Universe Me. What she’s doing, what she’s thinking. Whether she wonders about me and what I am doing. Is she having a coffee, too, but with sugar instead of cream, and at Alternative Universe Phil’s instead of Philz Coffee? Does she even like coffee?

Also I think about Real Me – because, as you may have heard, our universe may be a hologram of a flatter place, and that would make the me that is typing right now, Hologram Me. I wonder if Real Me is enjoying the show she is putting on – flickering images of Hologram Me bumping my head on something – and snickering.

I’d like to call a meeting of Mes. We could compare notes on the various universes we live in, what’s cool, what could stand improvement. This would be perhaps the very first Multiverse Meeting, so we would take good minutes.

I’d make tea.


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