California dreaming

For the moment, we’re living in Palo Alto, which is part of the San Francisco Bay Area and right in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Mornings are my favorite bit.  Fog sometimes blows in from the bay and settles in for spell.  The sun glows through, casting a patch of gold through the lavender tinted grey cloud.  Coffee and fog go together, like the click of laptop keys and wee hours of the morning.  When I’m ambitious enough to go outside with my coffee, the air feels like the  sea, and I feel like I’m in California.

California is growing on me, but not quickly.  It’s not the head-over-heels love of London, instant and scarring.  It’s a seeping in sort of thing, and I’m not entirely sure it will turn out to be love.  But to be fair, instead of embarking on an overseas adventure, I’m job searching and all that malarkey.  That’s not California’s fault.  Under other circumstances, we might feel very different about each other.


Your blatherings

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