Gondola Friends

If you don’t ride a gondola while in Venice, you upset the equilibrium in the universe.  Fortunately, there are approximately 2,976 gondoliers in each of Venice’s 150 canals.


Gondola tours vary – from a romantic ride in an exquisitely elaborate boat with proper thrones, punted by a gondolier in a stripey shirt and straw hat, singing as he glides you down the blue-green water….to a guy in a sweaty tee shirt, texting on his cellphone while punting a modest gondola-shaped canoe stuffed with people.

Venice, I heart you.

Venice, I heart you.

We opted for a group tour of about 30 minutes, booked through a tourist office.  Our gondola friends were two Asian chicks, taking turns posing for photos in Venetian masks, a guy from Rome and his Russian girlfriend.

Not the picture-perfect tour of the movies, but still a great experience – and there’s no better way to see Venice than from the water.




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