summer tapas

A long weekend in Madrid is like eating summer in glorious mini bites.

– Sitting under an umbrella, eating ice cream at Llaollao, watching impossibly tanned people walk by in their sparkling flip flops.

– Wandering for hours at night over cobbled, curving streets, stopping outside the illuminated palace, wandering around marble statues of Spanish kings.

– Churros at 3 AM, another round of drinks, laughter, stories deep into the morning.

– A little nap in the thick afternoon, a breeze lifting the curtain, music on the street blending into your siesta dreams.

– Popping into the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando for some Picasso sketches and air conditioning.

– Octopus sprinkled in paprika, fried chicken dipped in cheese, charred peppers, chilly rose or a coffee; sitting under an umbrella and watching the amber light fade inside the four brick walls of the Plaza Mayor.

The night never loses its energy.  Rollerbladers roll by, lovers share a kiss, someone shouts and laughs, music wafts by from a guitar player, a lone man on a park bench.  The day is an eternity and the night even longer.  I don’t know how we get it all in, yet feel so unhurried, so bohemian and chill, at the same time.

It must be some Madrid magic.

Octopus is freaking delicious, people!

Octopus is freaking delicious, people!

Plaza de Colón

Plaza de Colón.  *Photo courtesy of Sal.


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