OMG I’m so sorry.

Ich rauche Lebkuchen Weihrauch!

Ich rauche Lebkuchen Weihrauch!

These freak snow storms, the icy madness, the gale-force winds – it all makes sense now.

It’s my German smoking men.  They’ve been keeping spring from happening.

I know they’re Christmas decorations.  And it’s March now.  But they just looked so pleasant on my mantle – I just wanted the cozy feeling to last a little longer.

If I had only known what consequences we all would pay for my reckless regard for seasonal decorum, I would have put them away weeks ago.  I can’t believe I only just figured this out.

They’re now safely tucked away in the Christmas box, where they belong.

I’m so sorry, London.  You can start spring tomorrow.

Und das Wetter kontrollieren!

Und das Wetter kontrollieren!


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