indie band Muse

We all have our gifts.  Some are more useful than others.  I have a friend who can chirp like a cricket.  My sister sings like an angel.  I knew a guy for years, found out one day that he can hotwire a car.  How cool is that?

Sometimes indie band names just…come to me.  Today reading headlines from the BBC News Science page, I stumbled into a goldmine.  Here are some gems, linked to the source articles:

900 Dead Pigs


Rhino Taboo

and some song titles for an indie electro smash band:

Ash Dieback Fungus (remix)

30 Fragments of Camel Bone

Data Secrets, Frozen Android Dreams

Infrasonic Rumbles

I’ve never found a use for this gift.  I don’t know any promising indie bands through which to express my Muse.  Sometimes I feel it has been wasted on me.

We don’t choose our genius, it chooses us.  I just have to live with that.


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