Revelation and Resolution

Ok, the Mayans were wrong.  We can be pretty sure about this now.  2012 is definitely over and, unless I am blogging from an alternate dimension unawares, the Apocalypse totally did not happen.

So here we are in 2013, with no ancient runestone to guide us, no foreseeable end to this human experiment on Earth.  Sigh.  Guess I’ve got to make those New Year’s Resolutions after all.

Or do I?  2013 was not supposed to happen, so maybe we get free pass.  Go on, then!  All the cake / cigarettes / _______(fill in the vice) you want!!  A year of guilt-free, consequence-free indulgence!!

Or does the fact that we’ve averted certain catastrophic global collapse mean our resolutions this year must be super awesome?  We’re living on borrowed time – got to make every nano-second count!  Learning one language won’t do!  Learn FIVE!  Crocheting a blanket or tea cozy?  No – Lose weight AND quit smoking AND learn to crochet AND crochet a house cosy!!  NO – CROCHET A BLOCK OF HOUSE COSIES!!!

What do you want from me, 2013?  I’m so confused.


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