the countdown is on

Five days to the End of the World or nine days till Christmas – whichever one it is, I ain’t ready.  All those Christmas cards we were meant to write never got sent – going to have to make them Three King’s Day or New Years Day (or Valentine’s Day) cards.  We finally got a little tree, but it’s all wrapped up in netting, a box of bling and bobbles sitting next to it, undisturbed.

And for the End of the World – dude, don’t even get me started.  Should I get my nails done?  I could use a haircut.  Write my Grandma.  I’ve got the 21st off, at least, so if it all ends I won’t be doing something super lame like checking my work email.  I’ll be doing something super awesome, like checking facebook.

Sigh.  I tried to think of something really witty or deep to write, in case this was the Last Post, words that would resonate with Truth or Humour or Awesome.

Oh, well.  Maybe by the next end-of-the-world I’ll think of something.  For now you’ll just have to make do with a photo of this charming German smoking man.

Ich rauche Lebkuchen Weihrauch!

Ich rauche Lebkuchen Weihrauch!


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