nobody does Christmas like Covent Garden

What Oxford Street lacks in tasteful Christmas bling, Covent Garden has in spades.  A night-time stroll through the Covent Garden Market in all its seasonal glory will fill the grumpiest Londoner with a pleasant mulled-wine buzz of Christmas cheer.  I went today with a friend after a weekend of feeling dreary and exhausted, convinced I was coming down with one of those horrid ‘office bugs’.  One walk through the Apple Market, gazing up at the larger than life Christmas balls and icicles, and I’m ready to face those 500 Christmas cards I’ve been procrastinating writing!

Btw – for my fellow ex-pats out there, tomorrow is the overseas posting deadline for Royal Mail to deliver your card / parcel by Christmas.

covent garden 002 covent garden 004
covent garden 009
covent garden 005covent garden 011


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