what i see on the way to yoga

From my flat in Camberwell, snaking through the back streets of Peckham, dipping just into Dulwich – a photo tour of my 34-min walk to yoga:

I have questions about bunting. What do the tiny flags represent? Should I salute? Where does one hang bunting? Can I hang it in the bathroom? Bunting.

I don’t know who spray paints this clever stencil on our sidewalks. Neighbourhood watch officer turned vigilante? I prefer to think this.

In streets with Victorian row houses, there are lots of cement creatures lurking around doorways. Typically they are gargoyles and lions, sometimes a scary face. But elephants? Why not.

I really like this wall. It makes me happy in a simple kind of way.

This photo of children from ?1970s is next to a bunch of row houses.


Where the train passes over

I would like some Flavaz, but this shop is always closed on Sunday.

Lovely House

Dog About Town and Kuki Hair

And a jolly ole English pub thrown in for good measure!

This fence is Halal


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