hot toddy

It’s the kind of Monday you feel in your bones.  You don’t want to work today.  Nobody else does either.  You hover around the kettle and try to be cheerful.  It doesn’t work.  There’s a perpetual lukewarm pool of milky tea in your mug that you can’t be bothered to reheat.  You’ve been staring at that screen blankly for ? minutes, ? hours.  Maybe days.  Something in your brain has stopped working.  Maybe you’ve caught that gross office cold that’s going around.

When I feel run down and grumpy or sniffly, I make this tea and feel nice again.    If you do have a cold, drink it religiously every night with a good book.

Hot Herbal Toddy

Sprig each of fresh herbs, including: mint, basil, sage, etc

Thin slice of lemon

Thin slice of ginger

A few cloves

Some cinnamon (cassia) bark

Two teaspoons of brandy or whisky

Teaspoon of honey

– Simmer the herbs, lemon, ginger and cloves with a mug and a half of water in a small pot.  Simmer for about 15 mins.

– Put the honey and brandy/whisky in a mug.

– Pour the tea into the mug (discard the herbs and stuff).

Sip and think happy thoughts.

(Adapted from a recipe in this hippie cookbook a friend bought me: Unplugged Kitchen by Viana la Place.)





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