blogging whilst highm

To get the full effect of the experinemt, i’m just gonna leave all the typing slips in here. 

Now, it is true that Ia m blogging whilst high.  But before you call the fuzz, it is a presecription medicatin for a back smpam spasm. ok? now the drusg here for back sutff are SLIGHTLY more interesting than back at home. Thye gave me flexiril at home, which didn’t help much and made me sleepy. I did not live like Valium.  when i toke it, the wall talked to me. you know what a walls ays sasys says when it talk s to you?

“\I am a wall. I am talking to you.” 

I rolled over, back to said wall, fell back asleep and vowed never to take Valium again.

and then there’s percaset. dont’ know how to spell tha.t.  It made me grumpy and co hanfused and sleepy. 

But here, here they have a drug i can say is a gret  great experience for the injured.  it is diazepram.  in my med sec job i have typed that perr prescription drung d name a lot and now i am on it! it is great. they the only thing is it wan  it b it makes  you want to go roller skating. 

which is unfortunate becase 

A. I don’t own roller skates at this time.

B. I have a back sm spam spasm and should not enagage in vigorous a exper  exercise. 


so in sum, U.K. wins on drugs. 

(I’m gonna regret posting this later, aren’t i?) tee hee!


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