Apologies for my extended absence from posting – I’ve been to The Americas, for my sister’s lovely wedding in Baltimore, MD.

When I told my colleagues at the Palliative Care Team that I was going to Baltimore for a holiday, I got some raised eyebrows.  I could see the question forming in their minds, ‘Baltimore…as in, The Wire?’  Yep, as in The Wire.  In fact, my sister and her (now) hubby took me on their ‘The Wire’ tour through the grittier parts of the inner city – where most of the row houses are boarded up or abandoned, where you lock your car doors while driving (even in the daylight), where you had better not find yourself at night unless you live there.  But it’s not all grit, guns, and trannies.  One stroll along the harbour and bohemian pockets around the inner city and I’m in danger of falling for this Charm City.  O, B’more!

I promised my colleagues I’d bring back some stuff from my The Americas tour that reminded me of home.  This wasn’t hard.  I went to the grittiest, most Southern-looking gas stops and country stores and collected a menagerie of momentos.  Had to surf a couple stores for the corn cob pipe and moon pies, but boy was there a stockpile of beef jerky!  So many kinds!  Jalapeno, BBQ, tabasco, molassas – on a continuum of au natural to mechanically separated ‘beef and chicken parts’ – bring it on.

Well, London, I’m back.  You can start summer any time now…


I’m bringing sexy back with this corn cob pipe, boy howdy.




Staple snacks


Forms of beef jerky


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